Emergency Communications Systems

Peplink's SD-WAN communication helps First responders, business owners, and families, in disaster and emergency response.

Huricane's and other natural disaster can put lives at risk and keeping communications up at all times can help save those lives.

Government / Mobile Command Units

We specialize in delivering top-tier, dependable, and expedited installation solutions for Speed Fusion technology, primarily catering to first responder clientele nationwide, with a primary focus on mobile command units. Our expertise extends to installing systems for various entities such as Sheriff’s Offices, SWAT Command Vehicles, Police Mobile Command Posts, Emergency Response and Disaster Response Vehicles, as well as Firetrucks. We supply the necessary hardware to facilitate seamless connectivity for a wide range of mobile command and emergency response scenarios, ensuring rapid, low-latency internet connections between the field-deployed units and their home base.

Critical Business's

Peplink’s cutting-edge SD-WAN technology stands as a reliable safeguard, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for businesses. By intelligently managing multiple internet connections, SpeedFusion maintains a seamless link to the online world. Whether through wired, wireless, cellular, or satellite connections, Peplink’s solution dynamically optimizes data traffic, swiftly rerouting it if one connection falters. This proactive approach guarantees businesses stay online, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. With Peplink’s SD-WAN, companies can confidently navigate the digital landscape, enjoying consistent and unswerving internet access.

FNIT Emergency Responce


FNIT Peplink excels at ensuring Workers, Volunteers, and Ffamilies remain effortlessly connected to their cherished ones. Starlink and multiple cellular networks stay connected through the innovative Peplink Speedfusion technology. By seamlessly integrating these two vital communication channels, FNIT Peplink creates a cohesive and dependable network ecosystem. Starlink’s high-speed satellite internet and cellular networks are harmonized by Peplink’s intelligent management, allowing families to communicate with uninterrupted connectivity regardless of their location.

Through the synergy of FNIT and Peplink SD-WAN, Workers, Volunteers and Families can relish the dual benefits of Starlink’s robust internet service and reliable cellular connections. So when disaster hit on the Gulf Coast,  FNIT Peplink CRUs (Connectivity Response Units) are deployed to help those in need. 

Our system dynamically allocates and reroutes data traffic, optimizing the usage of available networks. This intelligent approach safeguards against disruptions, ensuring that Workers, Volunteers and Families can communicate, work, and entertain themselves without interruptions during tough times. FNIT Peplink’s commitment to enhancing the connected experience, coupled with Peplink’s cutting-edge technology, empowers Workers, Volunteers and Families to stay in touch and thrive in today’s interconnected world.

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